What Is the Difference Between Hatchback and Station Wagon

Development of modern infrastructure gave an impetus to the wide circulation of different modifications of cars for city traffic and long-distance transportation. Among consumers, hatchbacks and station wagons enjoy special popularity.

Many people could ask what the differences are between hatchback and station wagon. And what are their advantages compared to the classic sedan? In this article, we will answer the most widespread questions of drivers. You can see the differences in HD Wallpaper website.


Hatchback can have one or two rows of seats, depending on a complete set. A distinctive feature of this body type: availability of a door in the back and the most important is the short rear overhang. The last factor allows distinguishing hatchback easily on appearance. As a result, the trunk of the car is not as capacious as the station wagon. But the similar design allows the hatchback to maneuver well in the city conditions, therefore, this body type is widely demanded in megalopolises. One more advantage is a possibility of easy parking. The actual merging of saloon and trunk has also a negative side: quite often drivers and passengers complain of an unpleasant smell from the trunk if, for example, any products are placed there.

Station wagon

Station wagon represents five-door passenger car on the basis of a sedan of the same model in which 4 doors are located on each side in pairs and one – at the rear end. The last is located vertically and is a cover of the trunk which is connected with a car saloon. If necessary the volume of the trunk could be increased by folding a back row of seats as a hatchback. From all types of passenger cars, station wagons are the best for a cargo transportation therefore for many years station wagon is very popular among people working with dimensional baggage. The disadvantages of the body type, as a rule, is increased number of injuries among passengers as a result of an accident. At the collision, a cargo from the trunk can fly into the cabin. In some countries, traffic regulations offer use of a special dividing grid which protects people from a force majeure situations. Feel free to download car wallpapers.


Association of the trunk and cabin is the most striking example of similarity of a hatchback and station wagon. You can find their main differences below:

The size of the trunk at hatchback is less, respectively, such body type is less often applied to transportation. Obviously, a station wagon is specially bought by many companies as a car for a cargo transportation.

A hatchback has a more elegant design. The inclined door looks more beautiful than the strict vertical option of the station wagon. For example, many women prefer hatchbacks because of their aesthetic appearance.

The station wagon is longer. It is hard to say, it is an advantage or disadvantage – everything depends on for what purposes the car should be used. If for cargo, it is rather an advantage, if, for the drive in the city, it is closer to a disadvantage.

The comfort when driving a station wagon and hatchback is almost identical unless high passengers in some station wagons who are located on rear seats feel cozier.

As a rule, the station wagon is more expensive. Perhaps, because of its size and engine as a motor of the big vehicle should be match to its size and weight.